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Abiola Mubarak Shola Kolade MOHAMMED is a product of the late 90's.
He is from a family of 3(The Mohammeds).
Parents- Mr & Mrs F.B & R.K Mohammed, respectively.
Siblings include Abiodun Mohammed & Ibrahim Mohammed.
He is a native of OFFA L.G.A in Kwara state, Nigeria.
He started is Educational career by being enrolled into Adewumi nursery and primary school, Ilorin for his pre-nursery education. He got transfered to St. Charles nursery and primary school where he had his nursery education, and then ARMTI (Agricultural rural management training institute), in Ilorin{1998-2004) where he had his Primary education. He served as the Health prefect in is final year.
He started his secondary career in Modelak Science College {2004-2008} before he transfered to EFFECTIVE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE {2008-2010} where he obtained his certificate of merit and leadership as he served the school for a session as a Laboratory Prefect.

He got admission into one of the best universities in the country (UNILORIN) but had to forsake it for a better offer from another university, where he is currently pursuing his University career. That was one of the toughest decision he had ever made.
Being a sports lover and a football addict, he went through the thick and thin of the game (won several games for his team, once twisted his angle, severally injured his leg and almost passed-out, once).
He was given nicknames by friends which include baby, robot, robot_boy, M.K.O, computer, weirdmaskman and some others which cannot be listed because of terms & conditions Constraints on this site.
Finally, he makes less friends but keeps more company.

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Need a computer virus?- download now
[22 Jun, 2011] Offbeat
Excellent piece... Thumbs up.
The World's Oldest Woman Dies at Age 117
[25 Apr, 2011] Current Events
Wonder shall never end! But i wonder y her age culdn't b in d G.B.R...Surviving that climatic condition in Russia for that, then, she shouldnt b overlookd.
NYU Professor to Implant Camera Into the Back of the Head
[18 Nov, 2010] Science
then he won't have to worry over turning back when he's called.
anyway, that's great
Find What Olympic Athletes Are Tweeting About
[24 Sep, 2010] Current Events
that's great
Find What Olympic Athletes Are Tweeting About
[26 May, 2010] Current Events
this will give room for creativity. It's wonderful





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