Video game and 1=1

Politics (22 Feb, 2007)
Fox Interactive Media Purchased Strategic Data Corp.
On Thursday Fox Interactive Media, owned by News Corporation, stated that it has acquired Strategic Data Corp., a company that deals with interactive advertising technology. This step was made to improve Fox's advertising, and mainly the way marketers perform it. ...
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Politics (19 Feb, 2007)
Surgeons Who Play Video Games are More Skilled
Recent studies showed that the surgeons who play video games are more skilled. It seems that video games contribute to a more precise technique of using different medical instruments. The February issue of Archives of Surgery states that there is a direct link between having video game skills and the abilities of a surgeon to perform a laparoscopic surgery. ...
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Politics (16 Feb, 2007)
Google's New Purchase Called Adscape
Adscape Media Inc. is a company that provides in-game advertising. Google has agreed on purchasing the company for $ 23 million. This information was provided by Red Herring, a technology site which cited in a report made on Thursday the sources that are familiar with the matter. However, the spokesman of Google did not leave any comment stating that the current policy of the company is not to respond to "rumor or speculation". ...
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Technology (04 Mar, 2007)
Storm virus attacks blogs
Storm virus is back again to infect blogs, webmails and bulletin boards. British and Korean computer security scientists claim it's a new variant of malware that is extremely difficult to detect. ...
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Technology (09 Mar, 2007)
IBM and Cisco: Attempt to Unite the Communication Software Developers
New platform from Cisco and IBM should unify communication and collaboration software developers under one single platform. A lack of such platform has slowed down the development of unified communication, but with this system the developers will be able to create mini applications for easier remote access and other plug-ins. ...
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Technology (14 Mar, 2007)
Microsoft to Connect Xbox 360 and PC Gamers
On Wednesday, the software giant Microsoft Corp. announced the opening of its Live on-line service that will connect users of both Xbox 360 console and PCs. The company stated that the service will open in May. It is to be reminded that Live has attracted about six million Xbox 360 console gamers and now Microsoft looks forward to launch it on new Windows Vista system. ...
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Technology (19 Mar, 2007)
YouTube to Award Best Videos
This week Google's very famous on-line video-sharing website YouTube is expected to presents its awards for the best videos uploaded during 2006 by the site's fans. On Monday users of YouTube may start voting for their favorites. ...
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Offbeat (25 Mar, 2007)
Google's List of Class-Action Lawsuits
A list of lawsuits with different charges, where Google participated either as a defendant (in most of the cases) or as a plaintiff. It seems like when people are in financial trouble, they try to sue Google. ...
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Technology (26 Mar, 2007)
Nearly one third of Americans think Internet is useless

About one third of U.S. households do not have any access to the Internet. But what is even more surprising they do not intend to get one. The reason is that households do not consider Internet to be useful for their every day lives.

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Technology (28 Mar, 2007)
Microsoft Upgrades Its Xbox 360
Microsoft upgrades its newest Xbox 360 Elite range of gaming console to satisfy the needs of the most 'hardcore' gamers, who are proved to have great desire on new stylish looks, more storage capacity and a better performance. ...
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Politics (08 Apr, 2007)
U.S. to have used neutron weapons in 2003 in Baghdad
A video clip, broadcasted by the Qatar television, demonstrated the 14th most wanted Iraqi commander accusing the U.S. armed forces in using neutron weapons in Baghdad in 2003. ...
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Technology (14 Apr, 2007)
Google buys DoubleClick, Microsoft still too far from online ads
Google pays $3.1 billion for an online advertising business DoubleClick. This acquisition has become second largest in Google's history after the purchase of YouTube last year for $1.65 billion. ...
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Science (17 Apr, 2007)
Difficult child-good marriage conquers all
The latest researched showed that couples who have supportive marital relationships can deal with disturbing children easier and this only makes their marriage stronger. ...
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Technology (22 Nov, 2010)
Razer Unveils Nostromo - Gaming Keypad for True Gamers
Razer, the company that creates gadgets for gamers has recently unveiled a device called Nostromo. The gadget represents a gaming pad with a myriad of buttons and functions. ...
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Science (25 Apr, 2008)
Compliments and Money Give the Same Satisfaction
People can be rewarded by compliment or by cash as the brain evaluates both the same ...
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