Washing machine that does not need water

Environment (05 Feb, 2010)
Eco-friendly Jeans: Freeze Them to Clean Them
Tristar, a company with headquarters in Rio, recently unveiled its new line of eco-friendly jeans made of organic cotton. To clean the jeans you should simply put them in the freezer, without having to use the washing machine. ...
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Technology (10 Dec, 2009)
World's First Robot to Complete Underwater Trip from US to EU
Recently Spain returned a special robot to the United States after the machine completed the world's first underwater trip across the Atlantic Ocean. ...
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Environment (16 May, 2008)
L.A. Plans to Recycle Waste Water for Drinking
Officials in Los Angeles announced that they prepare to implement a water-conservation plan. ...
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Offbeat (13 Oct, 2009)
The Ideas Regarding the Home of the Future
The home of the future will include thermo-reflective wallpaper, an indoor biosphere for growing fruits and vegetables and ultrasonic washing machines that will not require water. ...
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Technology (01 Jul, 2009)
Latest Invention: Washing Machine That Doesn't Need Water
British company Xeros looks forward to conquer the American market with its latest invention, a new washing system able to save a lot of water using nylon beads. ...
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Technology (10 Aug, 2009)
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of July 2009
InfoNIAC Presents is our new section in which we bring you the top 10 latest inventions selected from www.InfoNIAC.com each month. ...
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Science (07 Feb, 2011)
The Best Inventions of 2010
Throughout the year 2010 we published lists that included various inventions. The lists were published each month and you, our reader, voted for the one you liked the most. ...
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Environment (26 Apr, 2011)
Top 10 Cool Things that'll Make Your Home Eco-friendlier
Today it is possible to find numerous technologies that can make our home more environmentally-friendly. In addition to making a house greener, some technologies can also boost its value. ...
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Science (04 Oct, 2011)
Top 10 Latest Inventions of September 2011
Wearable gadget that spots dangerous toxic chemicals, brain scanning technology for smartphones and robotic helpers are just a three of the most interesting inventions described in Spetember at www.InfoNIAC.com. Find out more. ...
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Technology (18 May, 2012)
Latest Invention: Street Tweeter - Machine that Paints Your Tweets in City Streets
By taking advantage of Twitter, the advocacy group, called One, decided to develop a giant ink-jet printer on wheel to print some tweets on city streets. ...
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Technology (26 Jun, 2012)
Orbit - Levitating Washing Machine Designed for 2050
Check out this concept of a futuristic washing machine developed for the year 2050. The washing machine floats in mid air and most importantly it does not require any water. ...
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Technology (18 Sep, 2012)
Latest Invention: Washit - Eco-Friendly Shower Unit and Washing Machine All-in-One
Washit is a prototype developed by 4 students from Turkey. They decided it would be cool to create a shower unit that can accumulate and filter water that can then be used for washing clothes and showering. ...
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Technology (28 May, 2013)
10 Interesting Hi-Tech Kitchens
Some of the most interesting futuristic kitchens (already available or concepts) are presented in this article. All of them can boast lots of useful features and it is possible that in the near future most home will be equipped with such kitchens. ...
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Environment (15 Mar, 2007)
Scientist's call upon policy makers on global warming
Scientists gathered at Arctic Science Summit Week, which started on Wednesday in New Hampshire to make up their mind on crucial changes in the North Pole that highlights global warming more than ever before. ...
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Technology (19 Nov, 2010)
Latest Invention: Vending Machine that Suggests Drinks to Customers
In Japan it is possible to find a lot of interesting technical innovations. One of them is a vending machine that recommends buyers the drinks they may like. ...
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