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Google Becomes the First 100 Billion Dollar Brand In the World


Google was officially recognized as the first 100 billion dollar brand in the world, surpassing other world famous brands such as Microsoft, Coca Cola and McDonald's. With its value of approximately $100.039 billion the number one search engine became 25 percent more valuable than the software giant Microsoft. The bronze went to Coca Cola.

Experts from Millward Brown, the leading market research company, in their latest Brandz Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking discovered that, in general, the total value increased by only 2 percent.

The list of the top 10 most valuable brands also features several tech companies, including IBM and China Mobile along with the popular cigarette brand Marlboro and fast food chain McDonald's.

In 2008 Google increased the value of its brand by 16 percent to become world's first $100 billion dollar brand.

"We know that without consumers you have nothing and there is a great element of trust in us. We think about the consumer first and expect everything else to fall into place after that. We don't feel big. We still work in little crappy teams and we feel very small," said Google marketing manager Lorraine Twohill.

According to Millward Brown, over the past year the brand value also increased in a number of "stay at home" industries. Because more people work, eat and drink at home, soft drinks, fast food and beer brands registered growth of value. Amazon and eBay also increased the value of their brands, informs the website of Millward Brown.

Joanna Seddon, chief executive of the market research company, said: "Those who continue to invest in their brand will be better positioned for business growth as the economic situation starts to improve than those who have cut spend."

She added that the global economic slowdown does not always have a negative effect on individual brands, unlike faceless corporations. People often blame corporations and those who run them for all the things that went wrong, but they don't blame the brands.

Here is the list of The Top Ten Global Brands (brand value $M)

1. Google - 100,039

2. Microsoft - 76,249

3. Coca-Cola - 67,625

4. IBM - 66,622

5. McDonald's - 66,575

6. Apple - 63,113

7. GE (General Electric) - 59,793

8. Marlboro - 49,460

9. Wal-Mart - 41,083

10. BlackBerry - 27,478

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