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Artist Created Network of Bulbs that Lit Up from Power-line Radiation


A lot of controversial opinions have been heard in regard to the electric and magnetic fields generated by cell phones, high-voltage wires and other devices, which negatively influence human health, sometimes leading to cancer.

However, instead of coming up with academic studies, the artist Richard Box, decided to visually illustrate the radiation that is emitted by power wires. He called his creation FIELD which includes a network of fluorescent light bulbs that are "planted" into the ground under a series of power lines. The bulbs light up using the invisible power radiating from the power wires.

The weather and passing people can make the fluorescent bulbs in the network flicker or power them out, otherwise the bulbs radiate a steady glow that can be clearly seen during sunset.

The entire network features a total of 1,301 ready-made fluorescent bulbs. The idea to create such an installation came to the artist after he had a conversation with one of his friends who used to play with similar bulbs under power lines during childhood and discovered that the tubes magically light up resembling light swords.

The installation was developed to shed light on the potential effects that the radiation can have on people. It is worth mentioning that Box is an Artist-in-Residence at the Physics department of the University of Bristol where he worked together with Henshaw.

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