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Eco-friendly Wall Collects Rainwater and Cleans Air at Construction Site


The Symbiotic Green Wall is the project of two designers: Kooho Jung and Hayeon Kelly Choi. The concept represents a double-layered wall system that gathers, filters and then allocates rainwater and wastewater.

Two layers of the wall serve as heat and noise absorbers. At the same time they also help store water, which is used to decrease the amount of construction dust and grow grass in pods attached to the wall.

Due to the fact that the grass grows almost on the wall, the eco-friendly construction also acts as air cleaner system that makes use of fully natural processes.

In addition, the Symbiotic Green Wall provides relaxation areas that are used by construction workers.

The structure also has spaces for birds, plus it features indicators that show the level of noise, vibration and air pollution at and near the construction site. Taking advantage of a number of natural systems, the wall has the goal of making construction sites sustainable and dirt free.

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