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Fully-Integrated Solar-Powered Streetlights Developed by Enertia Engineering


Researchers from Enertia Engineering managed to create the world's first completely autonomous streetlights that harness renewable solar energy to light up city streets at night.

It is worth mentioning that the fully-integrated streetlights make use of the latest LEDs, controls and solar power systems in order to work autonomously.

Dubbed the EnerSolar, a streetlight can work autonomously for three nights in a row, even when the solar panels did not managed to recharge the onboard batteries during the day.

The installation does not require external battery box or solar panel. This is because the light-head includes all that is needed. In addition, due to the fact that the EnerSolar is not connected to an electrical grid, it can be installed much safer than conventional street lights, informs EcoFriend

It would be interesting to note that the new solar-powered streetlights can easily be attached to virtually any standard lighting pole to provide instant lighting.

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