Wednesday, 25 Aug, 2010 Environment

Latest Invention: Machine that Turns Plastic Back Into Oil


An inventor from a Japanese company called Blest, managed to create a machine able to transform plastic back into oil, thus proving hope that it is possible to reduce plastic waste that not only pollutes the ground but also forms huge islands in the oceans.

Akinori Ito has invented a machine that can be of different sizes, and which can be used at home and industrial plants.

Ito's latest invention can turn a kilogram of plastic waste into a liter of oil. Though such process uses 1 kilowatt of electricity, the machine does not emit carbon dioxide.

It is worth mentioning that instead of using flames, the machine makes use of a temperature controlling electric heater. It can process almost anything, including polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene. However, it is unable to process PET bottles, reports Akihabara News.

The oil obtained during the process can be then used to create gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene.

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