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Solar-powered Zoological Park in France


This a beautiful project of the renovated zoological park located in Vincennes, France. TN PLUS Landscape Architects is the company responsible for designing the landscape of the zoo, while the buildings of the park are designed by Beckmann N'Thepe, a design company from Paris.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new zoo is that it will run partly on solar energy. The entire complex will be divided into 6 biozones with each zone replicating the climates of savannah, equatorial African rainforests, Patagonia, French Guiana, Madagascar, and Europe.

The team of designers works together with two zoo experts: Jean-Mark Lernould and Monika Fiby. The Former previously held the position of the director of Mulhouse Zoo, and is currently the chairman of CEPA, an organization for the protection of endangered species, while the latter is a zoo consultant, zoo designer, as well as the project manager of the ZooLex Zoo Design Organization, based in Austria.

In order to accomplish the project, designers also needed help from experts in the fields of urbanism, tourism, scenography, green building, as well as engineering.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time the zoo opened its doors for visitors back in 1934. It had an area of 14.5 acres and was located in the park of Bois de Vincennes. The landmark of the zoological park is a 67 meters-long artificial rock, called "le grand rocher." The total cost of the renovation is around 135 million Euro.

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