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Solar Wind - Bridge that Harnesses Wind and Solar Energy


Italian designers Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino came up with a stunning design of a structure called Solar Wind. What is even more impressive is that this design can become a reality.

The structure represents a bridge with large wind turbines mounted under it, between the pillars. The bridge will traverse a valley with large open space and the wind turbines will operate at high altitude where the speed of wind is higher, thus more green energy will be collected.

In addition, the "Solar Wind" will be able to harness solar energy, since its entire road will be covered with a dense network of solar cells. The latter will be coated with a see-through and highly resistant type of plastic.

Because the bridge will handle high traffic, designers also offered a Solar Park on the bridge where people can enjoy the panorama, informs New Italian Blood.

It was said that the bridge will be able to generate 40 million kWh per year.

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