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Design of the Day: Solar Floating Resort - Self-Sufficient Floating Island


Michele Puzzolante is the author of this amazing design of a floating island called the Solar Floating Resort.

The island features an underwater observation room, a PV thin-film skin and an on-deck Jacuzzi.

Because the designer takes the problem of rising sea levels very seriously, he though of making the Solar Floating Resort self sufficient. The floating resort has a thin-film solar skin attached to a lightweight fiberglass hull.

Because the island has a round shape, it is constantly exposed to sunlight, which means that the batteries are fed non-stop during the day to provide clean energy at night.

Besides, the interior skin of the balsa of the island is covered with dye-sensitized thin-film PV that captures artificial light at night, making a 30 millimeter vacuum with the outer layer.

The deck has an area of 110 sq. meters and offers enough space for 6 guests. Every room on the floating island offers a beautiful view.

[via Yanko Design]

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