Tuesday, 24 May, 2011 Technology

Funva - Futuristic Eco-friendly Kitchen Powered by Solar Energy


The Iranian designer Milad Taleghani has conceptualized a new-generation kitchen that boasts some eco-friendly features. The first green feature lies in the fact that the kitchen is powered by solar energy.

Dubbed Funva, the kitchen is one of the participants at this year's LG conceptual life contest.

The developer claims that the heart of his concept is the main control panel. The latter is powered by the house solar system and boasts such features as solar lighting fixtures, cooking system, dishwashers and even holographic display.

At one of the kitchen's ends there's a small fridge and innovative seating arrangements.

Another interesting feature is the kitchen walls that the designer through of turning into large LED screens, the lights of which can be easily customized by the user. More images can be found here.

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