Wednesday, 24 Feb, 2010 Technology

Futuristic Touch-Sensitive Kitchen Concept from Electrolux


Electrolux, the well-known Swedish appliance manufacturer, recently unveiled its design of a compact kitchen of the future. The "Heart of the Home" kitchen can change its shape and is an all-in-one cooking station that is able to serve as a cooking surface, bar and kitchen table.

The video below demonstrates how the kitchen from Electrolux works - when a person places a certain ingredient on the touch-table, the latter unveils a list of appropriate recipes. After reading one of the recipes, the user marks the cooking area where the necessary ingredients will be cooked. Just by pressing on the surface of the table the user bring up a pot or pan with temperature indicators and cooking time.

Currently the concept remains just an idea and will not be brought to life in the near future due to the fact that today there's not such material that can provide the features of this futuristic kitchen. According to Electrolux, its design was developed for a not-too-distant world where the majority of population will live in urban areas.

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