Friday, 18 Mar, 2011 Technology

Interactive T-shirt that Allows Its Wearer to Actually Play Air Guitar


If you like to play air guitar then you'll love the news regarding an interactive T-shirt that allows its wearer to actually hear the sounds of the air guitar they play when passing over a barcode marker on the shirt.

It is worth mentioning that the authors of the invention, Warren Fauvel and Luke Khan, who are two designers from Cardiff, won a technology award for their T-shirt.

The award was given at the annual SXSW music and technology festival that took place in Austin, Texas.

Mr Fauvel visited the event together with members of The Last Republic, the south Wales rock band. The latter are the one to whom the designers developed their T-short.

FauvelKhan, a Butetown-based firm founded by the two designers, has already applied for a worldwide patent on the T-shirt, reports BBC.

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