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Only 13 % People Have Internet Access


Only 13 percent of people on the planet have access to the Internet. This statement was made by the United Nations News Center. The majority of Internet users (90 %) live in industrialized countries. The gap in the field of information technology between the developed countries and those that are in development, is continuously increasing.

In its statement the UN News Center mentioned that most developing countries cannot benefit from the progress of the information technology revolution.

The availability of cutting Internet access costs was discussed at the Global Alliance on information technology for development meeting, which took place in the Silicon Valley, California. More than 100 heads of high-tech firms and companies took part at the meeting. The meeting also housed the representatives of non-government organizations, mass media and United Nations.

The aim of Global Alliance on information technology for development is to help integrate information and communication technologies (ICT) into national policies. This will reach a certain set of antipoverty goals set in 2000 at the United Nations summit, which is entitled Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The United Nations News Center outlined that cutting cost for Internet access could lead to information revolution, just like the one that took place after the appearance of mobile phones in developed countries. It is to remind only in Africa in 2004 the number users of mobile phones increased by about 15 million, which is more than two times more if comparing with 1999.

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