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Latest Invention: Philips' Kitchen Concept that Produces Power from Bathroom Waste


The famous Dutch electronics firm Philips, has come up with a kitchen that generates power from waste. Called Microbial Home, the kitchen represents a domestic ecosystem that makes use of methane-producing bacteria to produce energy from bathroom waste.

The core of the construction is the "bio-digester" kitchen island, which makes use of bacteria to produce gas. It is worth mentioning that the bio-digester is made of copper, cast iron, glass, and bamboo.

It includes a vegetable chopper and bacteria culture living on organic waste. The gas produced by the bio-digester is gathered, burned, and then supplied to a cooking range and gas covering lights. The gas is also used to preheat water pipes running throughout the house.

The bio-digester needs a steady supply of water, waste in the form of remnants from vegetables and bathroom waste solids.

The company has presented its concept at the 2011 Dutch Design Week. The press release from Philips read: "We need to push ourselves to rethink domestic appliances entirely, to rethink how homes consume energy." Thus the firm came up with a kitchen that can power itself.

[via FastCoDesign]

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