Thursday, 23 Sep, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: Visually Impaired Assistant - a Combination of Walking Stick and GPS


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The latest technological achievements led to the development of various devices that considerably ease the life of visually impaired.

One of the latest inventions in this field is called VIA (which stands for Visually Impaired Assistant) and it was designed by Noam Klopper.

The user wears the device on their hand. It is worth mentioning that VIA features 4 mini cameras and a GPS receiver. The latter helps the wearer dodge obstacles.

Generally speaking the gadget represents a combination of a walking stick and a mapping system.

It would be interesting to note that the necessary destination is set by voice - the user says the name of the destination and the GPS receiver does the rest.

In case the device runs out of power, it can be easily charge with the help of a wirelessly functioning mat.

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