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Most people would live without sex but not without Internet


According to a survey most Americans cannot live without going to the net for more than a week, preferring web surfing to friends and sex.

In a survey conducted by JWT advertising agency 1,011 Americans had to answer how long they can do without Internet. As much as 15 percent said that they would feel good no more than a day or less without Internet, 21 percent could do no more than a couple of days, 19 percent of participants said that few days would be enough. Only one third of respondents said that they could live without Internet for a week.

Most people said they would feel restless, bored and isolated from the world and their close people. Almost half of all respondents said that mobile phones and Internet has become essential part of their lives and they would be anxious without going to the Internet.

As much as 28 percent of people said they spent more time on the net than communicating with their peers and friends. And 20 percent of respondents said they had less sex because they spent that time on the Internet.

Among all other activities, Internet surfing took the leading place, followed by mobile phone use, while such activities as TV watching , communicating with friends, reading newspapers and sex has become less important.

Ann Mack, director of trend spotting at JWT said that with the increased demand for technology, people now urge for hand-held devices to stay connected with the world whenever they are.

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