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Things to Know When Deciding to Install Anti-Virus Software


If you want to keep your system safe you need to take into consideration several aspects, especially if you look forward to choose an expensive product over a free one. This is a list of five things that will try to help you choose the right anti-virus software for you.

1. The effectiveness of your anti-virus software

You need to know whether the anti-virus software you're about to install is able to protect your computer from the latest threats. For example, larger companies that develop anti-virus software are more likely to stay up-to-date with the latest threat like the Conficker. It is important to regularly update your anti-virus software to make sure it effectively protects your machine against computer viruses. In case you want to have an extra level of security there're not so many anti-virus software programs on the market, so make sure you choose the right one.

2. Comprehensiveness of your anti-virus software

Let's face it, most people are not computer specialists, some even hardly find a way to turn on their computer. Thus it is important to have computer anti-virus software with a simple interface or a manual that would clearly explain how to use the program. It is also important that developers of anti-virus software create programs that the average user can understand and be able to install correctly.

3. Anti-virus software that runs continuously

In case you acquired anti-virus software that performs real-time scanning, it means that the program will be able to identify potential threat as soon as malicious software programs try to enter the system. Thus you will be protected from various attacks. For example, in case you unintentionally started downloading a computer virus, the software will prevent the procedure. In case the anti-virus software doesn't have the continuous scanning feature, then it will detect computer viruses only after the malware infected the system.

4. Anti-virus software slows your system

Most anti-virus software programs do not slow your system when running in the background. But there are some less popular anti-virus software programs that can really frustrate you, making it almost impossible to use the system. If you have one of such antiviruses, it would be wiser to start scanning your computer when you finished working on it. Try to search the web for users' comments regarding various anti-virus software products.

5. Pay or not to pay for anti-virus software

Although some antiviruses are limited in their functions, compared to more expensive solutions, they can nevertheless prove sometimes to be more effective, at least when we talk about basic threats like computer viruses and worms. For a casual computer user a free anti-virus software program will be quite enough to keep a system safe. However, if you need the computer for work or take advantage of Internet banking, then it is advised that you use more extensive versions of antiviruses, which means you will have to pay for the product.

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