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Top 10 Useless Robots


Each year the field of robotics unveils tens of new devices that claim to make our life easier. Some machines are truly remarkable, being used in space exploration, emergency situations, keeping our children safe and more. However, this article features a list of machines that were most likely built for fun. Some of them were probably created by engineers who envisioned that in the near future their inventions would be of great help to humans, but today these are just useless prototypes. It is worth mentioning that this list of top 10 useless robots features machines previously described on InfoNIAC.com.

RC Robotic Skateboard

This robotic skateboard was built by Japanese engineers for people who are lazy enough to walk around the office. It would probably be fun to make a 5 minute break to organize a race from one corner of the office to another, but that is the only advantage of the robo-skateboard. Read more about it here.

Robot that Folds Laundry

Folding laundry? Really? If such robots will keep coming up, we will soon end up on the couch, watching TV all day, eating chips and increasing the diameter of our belly. Besides, this prototype folds laundry so slow that when you need a shirt you will most likely find it in the arms of this machine and will either have to wait until it completes the task or try to take it from the robot, which seems like an uneasy thing to do. Read more about it here

LEGO Robot with Cell Phone, Managed Through Twitter

This robot was invented just for fun. It cannot boast any useful features besides, well, taking pictures. Write different commands using Twitter, and the machine will act accordingly - fun, entertaining, but useless. Read more about it here.

Robots Footballers

These robots were first unveiled at CeBIT, in Hanover, Germany this year. There were four of them playing football using color and line recognition technology, which is the only useful thing we can mention. The machines were created to demonstrate the technology which can be used to help people with physical disabilities. Though the technology can prove to be quite useful, the robots still remain ineffective. Why not create device that would really be of help to people with disabilities? Read more about them here.

Life-Size Robots That Represent Exact Copies of Their Owners

This is another creation of the entertainment industry and of course it was created by the Japanese researchers and engineers. If you are lonely and have extra $225,000 in your account, then you may order this robot, which has already hit the Japanese stores this January. Although these machines are built to look like their owners, they're still kind of freaky and may as well be used in horror movies. Read more about them here.

Robot that Uses Smartphone to Solves Rubik's Cube

The most impressive thing about this robot is that is can solve a Rubik's Cube is about 24 seconds, which means that it could be widely used by people who are still struggling with solving the puzzle. The smartphone is used just to film the whole process of solving the Rubik's Cube, which is quite entertaining but all-in-all the machine, as you've already figured out, is of little use. Read more about it here.

Robotic Cell Phones Able to Mimic Human Emotions and Gestures

This is another robot that is connected to a cell phone and another one built just for entertainment. When someone calls you the robot to which your cell phone is connected starts dancing and shows different faces of the phone's screen - that's basically it. Read more about it here.

Full-Sized Humanoid Robot

It's a humanoid robot that is the size of an average human. It may sound impressive and probably the American engineers developed it while envisioning a future where robots will be part of our society, but today it is just a useless piece of steel that aims at showing the Japanese that the US is capable of creating human-sized machines. Read more about it here.

Robotic Hand That Allows Feeling Your Online Conversation Partner

Developed by Chinese researchers, this robotic hand makes use of a number of sensors to allow you to get the feeling as though you're shaking hands with the person you chat with online. This sounds entertaining and may be further developed and be very popular in, say, cyber sex. There is something in this device that catches your attention, may it's the idea that virtual reality can could become closer to just reality, but when you think about it, this robotic hand cannot really boast any important use. Read more about it here.

Robot Tiles

These robotic tiles feature sensors that detect when a person wants to make the next step and place themselves right in before the person makes a step. The Japanese inventor of these tiles admits that currently his creation doesn't have any useful applications, but he hopes that in future it could be used in different virtual reality applications. Read more about it here.

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