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Top 5 Strangest Inventions


Brilliant minds have always pushed the barriers of innovation. Today researchers are continuously developing devices that are meant to make our lives easier. Sometimes, however, it seems that inventors' imagination goes too far and they come up with really weird devices. Some of the strangest inventions are presented in this article.

Machine that Does Up the Tie for You

The creator of this weird looking invention called Why Knot? is Seth Goldstein.

The author probably was lazy enough to do up his tie so he thought of making a robotic machine that would do the job for him or he was just curious what would happen if such robot existed.

However, there's only one big drawback in the invention - the machine tie and unties the necktie very slow. Those who enjoy making other knots than the "four in hand" one will also be disappointed.

In the video below you can see the machine do its job.

Perpetual Motion Device that Produces Power from Gravity

This is probably the strangest contemporary invention ever. It was developed by a Somerset engineer, who claims that his machine breaks the law of physics by generating more free power than it consumes.

The inventor named his perpetual motion device Alpha Omega Galaxy Freefall Generator.

He also added that the machine was made using bicycle parts, a windscreen-washer motor and an array of flywheels with high-powered magnets. The latter are used to help the machine produce energy from gravity.

More information on this device you can find here.

Device that Helps You Understand Dog's Language

The first version of this device appeared back in 2002. Now a new version of the Bowlingual comes into attention. The device is able to analyze a dog's bark and figure out its emotion.

The inventor of this gadget is the toy-making company called Takara Tomy. The device will only be available for the dog lovers living in Japan.

According to the company the Bowlingual is able to understand six of the dog's basic emotions. The first model included a microphone attached to a dog's neck and a special handheld unit that was used to read the data and transmitted it from the microphone to the display.

The latest version features a more compact unit that includes a speech synthesizer. The latter audibly informs the person about the things their dog tries to say. Just like the first model, this one shows all data on the screen of the handheld unit.

Device that Produces Rainbows

Rainbows are beautiful and that's it. Children enjoy watching these creations of nature, but one man thought that it would be better if people could see rainbows more often. This is why he has come up with a machine that creates rainbows.

Artist Michael Jones McKean has been testing his device in parks where he shot small rainbows across the sky. Now he looks forward to developing a machine that would generate much larger rainbows with the help of reclaimed rainwater and sunlight.

His studio is located at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.

Robotic Fashion Model

Such a strange invention could only be created in the land of the rising sun. Researchers in Japan presented their cybernetic fashion model at a fashion show.

Dubbed HRP-4C, the robot includes 30 motors that allow it to walk and move her limbs. In addition, there are 8 motors that are used to express certain emotions, such as anger and surprise.

At its first demonstration the robot tottered out, blinked and saluted everyone in a tiny feminine voice. When HRP-4C said "Hello, everyone" it moved her mouth.

Of course this rather strange invention will not be able to replace a real fashion model, at least for not. This is because, despite being equipped with special sensors in its feet, it cannot boast sensitive balance like a real person.

If you stumbled upon a strange invention, share it with us and leave a comment in the section you see below.

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