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Nearly one third of Americans think Internet is useless


About one third of U.S. households do not have any access to the Internet. But what is even more surprising they do not intend to get one. The reason is that households do not consider Internet to be useful for their every day lives.

A technology market research firm located in Dallas, called Park Associates, outlined that 29% of households from the United States (which is about 31 million homes) do not even intend to get access to Internet in the next 12 months.

Park Associates administered the 2nd annual National Technology Scan that made it clear why potential customers do not look forward to subscribe to Internet service. Thus the scan states that the reason is low value to the daily lives that households perceive and not their concerns over cost.

From all households that do not intend to get Internet access 44 percent are simply not interested in anything that Internet provides. The survey found that 22 percent do not have the opportunity to pay for the Internet or to purchase a computer.

Among the participants in the survey, who do not intend to subscribe to the service, 17 percent said that they do not know how to use the Internet. Fourteen percent stated that they are more likely to use the service at work, where they can watch videos on YouTube or do some e-commerce shopping. Three percent stated that Internet simply didn’t reach their homes.

Analysts from Park in their study found that the United States broadband adoption increased to 52 % over the past year up from 42% registered in 2005. Almost half of new subscribers converted from dial-up access, the other half, however, did not benefit from Internet access because the service didn’t reach their homes.

The director of research at Park Associates, John Barrett, said that the industry has a steady growth in the number of new subscribers to the Internet, but there is still a long way to go. He thinks that the key to gain new Internet subscribers is the entertainment applications. “If anything will pull in the holdouts, it's going to be applications that make the Internet more akin to pay TV”, Mr. Barrett said.


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