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Speaking about the latest invention in medicine, it is worth mentioning that scientists have invented drugs that not only improve the endurance of athletes, but also imitate the beneficial effects of exercising. These drugs will be used for treating a variety of muscle diseases, for example, wasting and frailty, and will be given to hospital patients unable to exercise, veterans and other people with disabilities, obesity and metabolic disorders, in order to provide them with the benefits of exercise.
Health & Fitness (19 Feb, 2010)
Latest Invention in Medicine: Mini Ultrasound for Pain Relief
The miniature ultrasound device can soon be available to everyone suffering from arthritis or other pain. ...
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Health & Fitness (20 Jan, 2010)
Latest Invention in Medicine: New Device for Fertility Treatment
Scientists from University of Michigan developed a device that mimics embryo experience in the body, showing promise for infertility treatment. ...
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Health & Fitness (12 Aug, 2009)
Latest Invention: Liquid Condom Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses
Researchers managed to come up with the latest invention in medicine called vaginal liquid condom that has the ability to block semen and anything that is contained in it, including viruses such as the human immunodeficiency virus. ...
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Health & Fitness (13 Apr, 2010)
Latest Invention: Device that Heals Burn Wound by Spraying Skin Cells Onto It
Researchers from the Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States, managed to create a device able to spray skin cells right onto a burn wound. ...
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Technology (16 Mar, 2010)
Latest Invention: Cell Phone that Can Help Managers Watch Employees' Every Step
KDDI Corporation, Japanese telecommunications operator, has come up with a technology that can track the movement of a person and transmit the collected information back to the main office. ...
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Science (01 Feb, 2010)
Latest Invention: New Water-based Material that Can Replace Plastics
Scientists at the University of Tokyo managed to create a brand new material that is composed of 98 percent water. ...
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Health & Fitness (01 Feb, 2010)
Latest Invention: Smart Clothes That Keep You Healthy
Scientists develop new age clothes using fabrics with tiny electronic devices and using other latest inventions in medicine incorporated into clothes to monitor the health of its wearers. ...
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Technology (04 Jan, 2010)
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of December 2009
InfoNIAC Presents is where we present you short descriptions of the top 10 latest inventions published on each month. In this article you can read about the top 10 latest inventions described on our website in December 2009. ...
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Technology (21 Oct, 2009)
Latest Invention: Robot That Tests Visual Implants for Blind People
The latest invention of researchers from Caltech is a remote-controlled robot that was developed to emulate the vision of a blind person who has a visual prosthesis implanted in the eye, for instance an artificial retina. ...
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Technology (14 Jul, 2009)
Latest Invention: Technology that Allows People to Move Virtual Characters Using Own Movements
The New York City-based company called Organic Motion Inc. has recently presented its latest invention - OpenSTAGE platform that was unveiled at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab (SWTL) in Manhattan. ...
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Technology (10 Aug, 2009)
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of July 2009
InfoNIAC Presents is our new section in which we bring you the top 10 latest inventions selected from each month. ...
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Current Events (01 Sep, 2009)
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 6 Latest Inventions of August 2009
InfoNIAC Presents is our new section in which we bring you the top 10 latest inventions selected from each month. ...
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Health & Fitness (04 Sep, 2009)
Latest Invention: Biogel that Heals Brain Injuries
Recently it was announced that in the next three years the field of medicine will benefit from the latest invention of U.S. researchers - an injectable biogel that can cure brain injuries. ...
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Science (14 Sep, 2009)
Latest Invention: Brain Implants to Ease Serious Neurological Conditions
Recently a team of researchers from Medtronic of Minneapolis, Minnesota, announced about the development of a neurostimulator. ...
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Technology (01 Apr, 2011)
Top 10 Latest Inventions of March 2011
Interactive 3D Holographic Display, Artificial Leaf, Huge Touchscreen Microscope and 7 other inventions are listed here as the most interesting in the month of March. ...
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