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American Toddler Completely Healthy After Key Stabbed His Brain through His Eye


A US one-year-old toddler managed to survive after falling on a set of keys, stabbing his brain through his eye. Nicholas Holderman's father, Chris, was shocked to find his boy pierced by keys that entered the toddler's eyelid and penetrated the boy's brain.

"I'll never forget that moment. Nothing can prepare you for something like that," said Staci, the boy's mother.

It all took place when the family returned from a trip and started getting ready to turn in for the night.

Suddenly Chris heard a cry from his youngest son. The cry was different from those he was accustomed to.

"I said to Staci, 'You might want to check on him; I think he hit the recliner.' When she went in, she realized he had fallen on a key. From there on, it was an emergency," said Chris. Nicolas' brother Caleb at first didn't consider the accident as something unusual until he looked and saw a key in his brother's eye. Both parents did not consider pulling the key out by themselves and called 911.

After arriving at the hospital, it took a surgeon about 20 minutes to remove the key from the eye. After finishing the operation he said: "It doesn't look like there is any brain damage, but the eye has been ruptured. It looks pretty bad. The eye is flat."

Later the hospital's eye surgeons arrived to try and save the boy's eyeball, so it could at least have a normal look, even if the boy would lose eye sight.

However, 15 minutes after the boy was examined, it was discovered that the boy's eye was not ruptured and his eye sight was undamaged. The surgeon said that when she started looking at it, the eye just pumped back up. The event was instantly declared a miracle, reports MSNBC.

The boy recovered so fast that today members of his family, who live in Perryville, Ky., can joke about what happened. They challenge anyone who might guess which eye was it.

"You can just watch him this morning and see that he is a normal, healthy 20-month-old baby," Staci Holderman said.

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