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Artist Builds Castles Using Bricks Made of Human Hair


Different artists have already been using human hair to manufacture different things such as sunglasses, product packaging and more.

Agustina Woodgate is another artist that decided to make bricks out of human hair and use those bricks to build big castles.

Her series entitled "I Wanted To Be A Princess" involves the use of clumps of hair to make 3,000 bricks. These bricks were stacked to form two medieval castle sculptures.

She debuted at Miami's Spinello Gallery, with a creation called Tower, which represents a castle that is about 4.5-feet tall.

Tower is constructed from tightly bound hair bricks and at first glance it looks more like clay. The walls are of brown and gray colors and windows are made of blonde hair. The castle's top is made of white hair.

Another structure created by Woodgate is entitled Sandcastle. The artist used less structured hair to give the castle the look as it's a decaying structure, resembling a real sandcastle.

It would be interesting to note that Woodgate became popular for the use of a wide range of objects to create different works of art. Previously she used human hair as well, making smaller sculptures like slippers, brushes and structured balls, reports Inhabitat.

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